5 Layer Plastic Hangers (Random Color)


  • With this classic designed hanger you can hang your clothes, towel, scarf, trousers, slacks, pants, ties, shirts, blouses, sweat, pants, etc
  • This 5 layer hanger is ideal for Family Economical Storage Indoor Wardrobe Hanging,Give you more convenience to hang your cloth and save space.


Multiple shirts , pants , ties can be hung at the same time on this hanger , space saving , cupboard organiser perfect size and good quality. Multi tier hangers are designed to maximize closet space and hold pants,Towels, Shawls securely on a surface to prevent slipping and keep wrinkle-free. The hangers have swivel hooks and 5 trouser bars.As hanger specialists we know a thing or two about these wardrobe essentials. First and foremost, quality hangers are key to the preservation of your clothes!,Keep your trousers crease free! The 5 Tier Pant Hanger will maximise space in your wardrobe. Durable, easily accessible and designed for efficiency.Keep trousers grouped in colours and save time when getting dressed each day.


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