Electric Acupuncture Point Infrared EMS/TENS Foot Massager


1. This theory instrument use the high intensity ABS materials the structure was designed by man-machine engineering science the appearance is very light modern and beauty.

2. The principle science functions particular operation easy use safe without injure with humanism microcomputer automatic control all the functions will be clear at a glance.

3. 25 kinds electromagnetic wave intensity with continuous adjustment will arrive at your required ideal result in proper sequence individual functions for start to zero so as to avoid the discomfort.

4. Automatic time settle the time will be continuous adjustment the best long time for each time will be 25 minutes.

5. There are 25 kinds massage modes for sole and body each impulse massage mode will cure the different symptom with pertinence will analyze and eliminate the fat of body and toxin.

6. Electromagnetic wave impulse physical therapy and infrared heating therapy can be used detached and also can be used at the same time which has the more obviously effect. The main unit can be massage sole directly and also can massage the different parts of body with electrode pasters and slimming belt this apparatus can be used for more people at the same time so as to embody the multifunction features.

7. Especially design sole modes and body modes controlled by separated will not have the impact and disturbance mutual best avoid sole intensity strengthen body intensity will be disturbance.

8. This apparatus has Infrared functions make use of infrared irradiation on your body related points so as to reach expedite meridian promote blood circulation and support justice & dispel evil

9. This apparatus focus on physical therapy magnetism therapy and massage will relieve effectively fatigue and ache caused by strain spirit. Let you regain stamina very soon.

10. All functions can be operated by remote controller very easy for you to use.




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