Li-Ning Turbo X80-II – Unstrung Pink


Grip Size: S1 (3.125 Inches)
Weight: W3 (85-87 grams)
Color: Black/Pink
Head Shape: Isometric
Flexibility: High
Material: Carbon-Graphite
Playing Level: Intermediate/Advanced
High tensile Silm Shaft
Aerotech Beam System
Strung Type : Unstrung Badminton

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The Li-Ning Turbo X80 II badminton racket is the optimum choice for players with well-rounded skill sets as well as all around PLAY BALANCED badminton players. This racket is made of high carbon graphite that ensures a balance between the weight and the shaft. The Li-Ning wing stabilizer helps players deliver improved netplay or power strokes. No matter if you are unleashing a blistering attack or rock-solid defense. This racket is built for unrivaled agility with carbon fiber. Crafted for defending and amateur players. This design of the racket has a new eye-catching design, setting you apart on the court.


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