Pasni Dress Baby Boy Maroon Rice Feeding Dress


  • Material: Royal velvet
  • Color: Red
  • Design: Boutique Embroidered
  • Age Range: Suitable for babies up to 15 months
  • Occasion: Rice Feeding Ceremony (Pasni) in Nepal
  • Style: Decorative Pasni Dress
  • Closure: Back zipper or button closure (depending on the design)
  • Features: High-quality piece, handmade
  • Comfort: Designed to ensure the child feels comfortable while eating rice for the first time
  • Size: Available in various sizes for babies up to 15 months
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended for delicate fabrics like velvet, please refer to the specific care instructions provided with the dress
  • Package Includes: One baby boy Maroon Rice Feeding Pasni Dress


Celebrate your child’s Pasni ceremony in style with our brand new Baby Boy Maroon Rice Feeding Pasni Dress. Made from luxurious royal velvet and adorned with boutique embroidery, this high-quality dress is designed to make your little one feel comfortable and look adorable. Suitable for babies up to 15 months, this handmade dress is a perfect choice for this special occasion. Get ready to create beautiful memories as your child takes their first bites of rice in this beautifully designed Pasni dress.



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